CyberX ONE
Understanding CyberX ONE

Firstly you will need to create a CyberX ONE account, simply register with your email address, create your password and you are all set to log in. Pay attention not to fall for any scam website and register on our official website here.

Click Default Portfolio- Create Portfolio button to create your portfolio. You could then add your exchange accounts and wallet accounts to the selected portfolio.

Once you have logged in to our website and launched the CyberX ONE App, you will be ready to trade like a pro. Note that CyberX ONE is not an exchange itself but an integrated trading terminal, you will need to link your exchange account to our platform, for a better trading experience. Follow these steps:
1. Log in to the exchange that we support, find the API section and create an API key to be used on CyberX ONE. In order to trade, you will need to authorize the [trade] function with this API key.
2. Copy the key and secret and paste into CyberX ONE [adding exchange account]
3. Once it is linked and connected, you will be able to trade.

CyberX ONE features enterprise level algorithm trading tool (“ONE Trading”) and cross-platform asset management tool (“ONE Portfolio”)
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