CyberX ONE beta v1.3 Released

Dear customers,

We have launched our new product CyberX ONE beta v1.3 on Mar. 3rd, 2022, and officially opened our registration portal.

CyberX ONE is an algorithmic trading and cross-platform asset management tool. By connecting your accounts on various exchanges (Binance, Gate.IO, and Kucoin initially), you can use our world-class trading algorithms (TWAP, VWAP, PEG) to complete large-sized transactions with minimal market impact. Our system is also capable of 24/7 automated order execution.

With CyberX ONE, you can also aggregate and manage assets across exchanges and on-chain wallets. Currently, we support close to one thousand DeFi protocols on the Ethereum main chain as well as dozens of Sidechains.

CyberX ONE will gradually add more asset classes (new protocols, NFTs) and exchanges to our platform. We will also provide comprehensive mining analysis tools on popular DeFi protocols to support your trading decision in the future. Our service is completely free of use during the beta period.

We are looking forward to you joining us, and welcome any feedback.

Click here to create your own CyberX ONE account.

CyberX ONE Team

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