Algorithm Introduction-TWAP

CyberX ONE provides optimized TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price) algorithm. You could simply specify the target trade size, execution time, min/max trade price, and it will complete your large-sized transaction with low market impact.

Algo Trading Model

The TWAP algorithm orders provided by CyberX ONE will divide large orders into multiple small orders based on time and volume requirements, utilizing CyberX's unique transaction volume prediction model.

Multiple orders with different levels of aggressiveness can be placed.

Maker orders are prioritized to earn maker fee.

Algorithm Parameters

Price Limit

When you set a limit price, our system would not place any order above this price when you are a buyer, and would not place any order below this price when you are a seller.

Algorithm running time

You can set any number of hours between 1-2400 (up to 100 days) to control the algorithm running time.

Note: due to continuous market volatility, the completion time may not be exactly the same as the target hours you set.

Maximum market participation rate

You can set any integer number between 1 - 100%.

When the algorithm starts running, the system will automatically analyze the total market trading volume, the trading volume generated from your order will not exceed the total market volume multiplied by the participation rate you set.

The parameter works well with illiquid currencies.

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